No more chores

There is this quote being shared by many parenting advice sites on social media with large followings. It’s attributed to John Delony and goes: “Parents,[…]

Consequences are not given

My 10-year-old kid leaves the lights on. I keep reminding him to turn them off. He still keeps leaving them on. What to do? The[…]

Crossing the line

We all have an invisible line of acceptance, in our minds, that separates acceptable behaviors of others above the line from unacceptable behaviors below the[…]

Beyond boundaries

It’s common relationship advice to emphasize setting healthy boundaries in order to designate a safe place for self-care. The idea is reasonable and certainly helpful[…]

But, I never said that!

“Why can’t you do this one simple thing?” I tell him. He shrugs his shoulders and says, “I dunno! Why does it matter so much?”[…]

Whose problem is it anyway?

“B, we’re sitting down for dinner,” K shouts from the dining room. My heart leaps at her voice—this blog post took longer than I thought[…]

I don’t want this shirt!

It’s 15 minutes till the school bus arrives. K, my first-grader comes to me and says: “I don’t want to wear this shirt to school!”[…]